Gold Magents believes in promoting a Healthy Life Style for all. We attach great importance and value for customers, ensuring highest standard of purity and quality.
Enjoy the taste and purity of "BLUE BREEZE" Packaged Drinking Water , Soda Water & Carbonated Sweetened Water for a healthy lifestyle at all times
" Blue Breeze " Packaged Drinking Water
" Blue Breeze " Soda Water
" Blue Breeze " Carbonated Sweetened Water

It is BIS-14543 Certified and is produced by a most modern processing plant with the latest technology under most stringent quality control measures to make it as one of the finest packaged drinking water.

Even at the Packaging stage, special care is taken to ensure proper sterilization and cleaning of empty jars, bottles and caps before filling and a final check-up by qualified and responsible Quality Control Staff.

Bubbly sparkling soda is processed from clean and treated water under most hygenic quality control standards to ensure its food grade value and retaining its fizz for human consumption.

Blue Breeze has now launched its new Carbonated Sweetened Water Productline.

Now From Carbonated Lime Drink to Mango Drink, Blue Breeze has the range to satisfy your thirst.

Lemon Breeze
Quench your thirst with the taste of Lemon

Cola Breeze
The popular Cola Taste that can thrill you

Lemoni Breeze
A drop of lime a splash of freshness

Orange Breeze
Fresh Orange Taste inside your mouth

Mangoa Breeze
A drop of Mango in a bottle

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